What Does the END of 2020 Sound Like?

We're officially halfway through December and cresting to the end of 2020 – a thought that brings cheers of relief to most people's lips!



Adding to those cheers and the sound of Christmas carols that are now filling the airwaves, I wanted to share some other joyful sounds to listen for in these final weeks, and a special invitation (at the end!):



First, this week on Speaking to Influence, my guest is Jamil Rivers, the fabulous CFO of Education Works, a nonprofit organization that provides academic support, career readiness, and enrichment programming throughout Greater Philadelphia.



Ever feel like you're having a conversation with someone and you're speaking two different languages? Jamil shared one of the most important skill sets she learned upon becoming chief financial officer: “Translate, Translate, Translate!” Want her advice on how to do it? Tune in here!

Looking for more sounds of inspiration? One of the most consistently popular “sounds” on the show has been Debbie Phillips's interview in episode 24 on communicating effectively in the “work-life balance” (or integration, or blending, or 52-pickup, or however your work life and personal life intersect!) As holiday preparation – in whatever form that takes this year – adds another layer to the mix of responsibilities to juggle, her tips are extra valuable this season. If you missed it, you can check it.



To round out 2020, we have two more great upcoming shows planned:

  • Next week on 12/22, I'm excited to welcome David Cohen, SEVP of Comcast Corp. who will tell you exactly why you SHOULDN'T make a long-term career plan.
  • And on 12/29, our final episode of the year will be a boost of inspiration where we'll bring you a “Best of: the Influence Challenge.” In each episode, the guests challenge each of us to take and complete ONE step to help us have more influence. From making the ask to practicing self-care, we're compiling an array of some of our favorites with a wide variety of challenges, so in less than 30 minutes, you'll be inspired with all sorts of ways to quickly and easily launch yourself into a healthier, happier and more successful 2021!


And what about that invitation I promised?



En route to that happier 2021, I want you to be more confident and successful every time you turn on the camera. That's why tomorrow at 4:30pm ET, I'm hosting a webinar so you can fully explore the inner workings of my new online course, “VIRTUAL INFLUENCE.”



I don't know about you, but I like to test drive a car before I buy it, don't you? That's why on the webinar itself you'll get to see all the video topics (40!), worksheets, resources, and more to understand exactly how you'll transform your virtual brand presence into the consistently confident, authoritative, relatable expert you know you are in person. After all, that's the experience everyone should have when they engage with you, virtually or otherwise, isn't it?



Feel free to grab a glass of wine or a handful of holiday cookies, and spend some time with me there. We have a great group so far and I look forward to seeing all of you!



Here's to your success,