Special Package #2: “Unleash Your Leadership Voice” Webinar Series

Thank you for purchasing!!  Start by downloading the workbook, the slides for Part-1 and listen to part-1, follow along as you play the Audio for each part of “Unleash YOUR Leadership Voice”.  Bookmark this page so you can access the Webinar Series anytime.  Download your Free PDF Copy of Speaking to Influence and access the Audio program below.

Download 60-page Companion Workbook

Download Speaking to Influence PDF Book

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Part 1 – Command the Room

Download Part 1 Slides

Part 2 – Connect with the Audience

Download Part 2  Slides

Part 3 – Close the Deal

Download Part 3 Slides

Part 4 – Putting it All Together

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Start by downloading the workbook and follow along as you go through this audio program to “Discover YOUR Leadership Voice”.
Download 15-page Companion Workbook

Module 1 – Identifying the Sound of Leadership

Module 2 – Tuning Your Vocal Instrument

Module 3 – Your Prismatic Voice

Module 4 – Putting it All Together