The Secrets to Great Storytelling

Whether you are interviewing for a job, giving a presentation, or participating in a debate prior to a national election, a well-timed and well-told story can make all the difference. That's why I want to share two exciting events with you.


First, we have a celebrity sighting on “Speaking to Influence”: tune in today as I get to interview the ultimate interviewer, 8X Emmy Award-winning journalist Lu Ann Cahn. Lu Ann shares her insights into what makes for a great story, how to capture people's interest and how to get your story out there. I love getting interview tips from the master!


Second, while we are all-too aware of what a disastrous interview can look like (unless you managed to bleach last week's presidential debate from your memory), tonight's Vice Presidential Debate in Salt Lake City will likely be quite different (we hope!), and the candidates' abilities to tell a story and drive a message home have the potential of tipping the scales.


Tune in tonight to watch the exchange between Vice President Pence and Senator Kamala Harris as we look for who can undo some of last week's damage by:


  • Using “Tweetable and repeatable” sound bite campaign promise refrains
  • Show grace under fire, defending their platform without being defensive
  • Attack the other person's ideas without making the attacks personal
  • Being passionate without losing control
  • Using vocal delivery and body language that reinforce their messages and establish credibility
  • Including personal stories that make the audience feel like the candidate understands them, personally and more.

I predict that whoever does this more convincingly will do more to restore people's faith in national leadership, and earn the title as:


Finally, in the next few weeks I will be sharing more information with you about my upcoming online course: “VIRTUAL INFLUENCE.” I have created this for YOU. Thank you for your continued support, I couldn't do this without you.


Here's to your success,