The Missing Piece to Being A Great Leader

Do you feel that nudge inside you that says, “I know there’s got to be more to being a great leader…”?


Well, here's your chance to discover the missing piece!


TODAY I will be joining executive and leadership coach and founder of New Global Elite,  Izabela Lusinska  and 25+ other leading industry experts in a FREE online event to share the TOP leadership skills and strategies you need to lead in this unprecedented business environment.



Join me today, July 26, 2021 for the Rising Leaders Summit; a leading experts’ series to help you step into your leadership style, maximize your influence and lead your team with confidence and authority.



You can get full access to the event by clicking here.





You will walk away with 25+ action steps that will make a BIG impact on your skills, confidence and leadership style, and will maximize your effectiveness and influence.



During this FREE event you will learn so much, including (but not limited to):



  • How to motivate people and build trust
  • How to lead effectively under even the greatest pressure and how to manage your own stress and emotions in challenging situations
  • How to leverage the power of your brain, body and mind for maximum performance
  • How to overcome the Impostor Syndrome and other limiting beliefs
  • How to self-promote naturally and with ease
  • How to build your executive presence and gravitas so you can step into more senior positions with authority and confidence.


I am honored to be taking part as a speaker during the Rising Leader Summit.



It’s 14 days of cutting-edge strategies and inside access to top industry experts from all over the world; you won’t want to miss it! Some of the topics you can look forward to are:



  • Authentic leadership Extreme leadership = leading under stress
  • Executive presence and gravitas
  • Conflict resolution and leading difficult conversations
  • Neuroscience of high performance and agile leadership
  • Creating healthy, diverse and inclusive workplaces
  • Women leadership: strategies for women to be both powerful and authentic
  • The biggest leadership trends: Leader as coach and the J.E.D.I Leader
  • Developing your Leadership Brand


The best part is it’s FREE, but you have to save your seat to get access.


Claim your free ticket to the online event here.