The gift of your voice

The Gift of your voice

Hello everyone! I am so excited to unveil my newly redesigned website, complete with this blog where from time to time I will share observations, tips and techniques, advice and inspiration regarding the power of the voice, and how to make your vocal impact. In other words, how to use your voice in a way that gets your message through to the ears, minds, and hearts of your listeners.

As we begin this new journey together, I wanted to share a quote that I think encompasses my wish for you:

“A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human speech as possible.”
― Margaret Atwood, Second Words: Selected Critical Prose

Do you view your voice as a gift? Most people self-consciously think of their voice as a liability: they hear themselves on a voicemail message or other recording and the first thought is, “I hate the sound of my voice!”

But think about how many ways others accept your voice as a gift. Yours is the voice…

  • That makes them smile every time when they answer the phone and realize it’s you
  • Of the lullaby that carries the baby off to sleep, no matter how off-key
  • Of the reality check that grounds them when nobody else has the courage to call them out on their “stuff”
  • That cheers for their victories large and small, from graduations or promotions to getting a base hit in T-ball or taking first steps
  • That offers soothing consolation when they don’t get the promotion, strike out in little league, or skin their knee
  • That defends them passionately against injustice, even when they are their own worst enemy
  • That encourages them and believes in them, and convinces them to strive for more, because they can, because they have earned it, because they deserve it
  • Of consistent wisdom and support, that they turn to for advice, because when they don’t know what to do, your voice convinces them that you do
  • And so much more…

As you were reading through this list, I’ll bet money that you were thinking of all the people who were on the receiving end of your voice in each scenario, because you KNOW you have done all these things for different people at some point or other. You could envision where the conversation took place, what was happening, and the expression on their face…and when you think about it, you can also remember how you were feeling at the time and hear the echo of your own voice, how different it sounded for each situation, and how that difference reflected how you felt and what they needed to hear in the moment.

Looking back on this list, how can you think that the multifaceted miracle of your voice and the range of effect it has on other people is anything BUT a gift?

So this is my gift to you: Learn to listen to your voice and appreciate the wonders of your own range of speaking style your voice can produce. Be proud of the power it holds, and all that you can accomplish it when you wield it skillfully. With each new post, I’ll share ways to help you master those skills for yourself. Then, as Margaret Atwood alluded to above, I hope you will cherish it and use it “to utter fully human speech” that creates inspiration and catalyzes positive change in the world.