I have exciting news! Today I launched my new podcast, “Speaking to Influence: Communication Secrets of the C-Suite”!


In each episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing senior executives from every industry imaginable, both for-profit and non-profit, specifically to discuss the role communication plays in their personal success as inspiring leaders, and the overall success of their organizations.


The starting lineup includes brilliant, witty, and generously informative guests including:

  • Ellen Weber – Executive Director, Robin Hood Ventures (Angel Investor Group)
  • Michael Houlihan – Co-Founder, Barefoot Wines and Founder of Business Audio Theater
  • Eric Griffin – Co-Founder, Mobile Outfitters
  • Paul Redman – CEO, Longwood Gardens
  • Tracy Flanagan – Co-Founder, J-Dog (Veteran) Brands
  • Marcia O'Connor – CEO, the O'Connor Group (HR Solutions)
  • Paul Isenberg – Founder, Bringing Hope Home (Helping families of cancer victims)

And that's just Week 1! As a matter of fact, Ellen and Michael's interviews are up and ready to go!










They'll share stories and advice including:

  • Who they need to influence now and skills they had to learn to do it successfully
  • Mistakes they made along the way and how you can avoid making them
  • How they define “executive presence” and what they look for when hiring or promoting others
  • Advice about confident public speaking
  • Whether they're an introvert or extravert and why that matters
  • Strategies for conflict management
  • and more!

It's an up close and personal “behind the scenes” look into what it takes to get to the top and succeed there, beyond technical expertise. Because let's face it, even if you think the quality of your work should speak for itself… IT DOESN'T!


PLUS — You know me, whether I'm training a team, on stage in front of thousands or on either side of an interview, I like to have FUN, and so do my guests. We have a great time and the conversation just flies by!

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As always, THANK YOU so much for all your support, and I hope you enjoy learning from these experts as much as I did. I look forward to your feedback.