My New Favorite (not-very-Christmasy) Cookies

First and foremost, those of you who are celebrating, I hope you're all having a very healthy and happy Hanukkah!



I didn't light candles this weekend, but I did love spending an afternoon baking Christmas cookies with my mother. In addition to some traditional favorites like hazelnut snowballs coated in powdered sugar and “thumbprint” cookies with the jelly center, we tried a new recipe for dark chocolate cookies with chocolate chips, dried cherries and toasted pecans. See for yourself:



We both agreed, they're our new favorite. (We both also agreed: we've already eaten too many! But they're sooooo good…)



Aside from sweet success in the kitchen, I wanted to invite you for a “taste” of equally-sweet success this Wednesday, when I'm giving a live “tour” of my new online course, “VIRTUAL INFLUENCE.”



If you've heard about it but aren't sure whether or not it's for you, this is a FREE webinar where I'll answer all your questions and take you step-by-step through each module so you can see the entire program for yourself. I can't wait for you to see all the material that's waiting for you, to get the scope of the transformation you'll experience if you choose to enroll in the course, and be genuinely excited about what's possible!



By now you've probably attended other webinars that have all offered the same generic handful of “tips” about how to look better on video, but trust me, VIRTUAL INFLUENCE goes waaaaaay beyond that.



Together, we'll look at your goals for your own BRAND and how to ensure that your video presence drives it home. From your physical setup and how to keep people from multitasking on a call, to strategies for maximizing engagement during video conferences and more, you'll confidently command the screen and get the results you're looking for.



Feel free to bring a friend or share the registration link anywhere you like. You can sign up here.



See you Wednesday!



Here's to your success,