Just One Step to More Influence AND Happiness? Yep – Here’s How

Have you ever seen a feeding frenzy in the shark tank at the aquarium? That's kind of what Christmas morning looked like at my house with three children shredding through wrapping paper like their lives depended upon it. It was mayhem, but good mayhem, and a little slice of life that the pandemic mercifully left untouched.



I love giving gifts and watching people's faces as they open them up. In this season of giving and reflection, I have a few special things I want to share with you too.



Looking back on 2020, a silver lining was that since my travel schedule was wiped out, I finally had the time to launch my podcast, Speaking to Influence, and I've loved every minute of it. There have been 38 episodes, 109 five-star reviews (feel free to add to the list!), and a number of appearances in the iTunes Top 200 – up to #37 – for #management. I've gotten to interview people I otherwise never would have had the opportunity to meet and each person has shared gems of wisdom I have personally taken to heart.



One of my favorite parts of the interview is the “Listener 24-Hour Influence Challenge,” when the guest gets to challenge you, the listener, to take and complete ONE STEP in the next 24 hours to help you have more influence. Challenges have ranged from self-care to conversations to initiate, and tips from networking to time management.



That's why I've decided that for the last episode of 2020, I've compiled a special montage of 24-hour influence challenges, that all fall within three themes: (1) Developing your Expertise, (2) Relationship Management, and (3) Clarity and Productivity. I hope that at least one of these invitations in today's episode inspires you to say “Hey, I can do that RIGHT NOW,” and that having that quick success encourages you to try another one soon thereafter. Check it out.

Note that the subject of this email was how to have more influence AND HAPPINESS in 24 hours. We need more happiness now than ever before; I don't think there's ever been such universally enthusiastic anticipation of a new year as there is for the arrival of 2021. That's why I've picked these unique Influence Challenges: they all share a common “side effect”: Once you do them, you feel this incredible sense of clarity and relief that makes you say to yourself: “Wow, I'm SOOOO glad I finally did that!” (And very possibly: “Why on earth didn't I do it sooner?”)



If that doesn't increase happiness, I don't know what will!



(Actually, I do have one other idea…)



The other big and exciting development in 2020 was the launch of Virtual Influence, my online course which grew from training thousands of individuals across the country about how to be more confident, effective and successful on camera in today's video-based world. (Confidence + Success = Happiness in my world for sure!)



If one of your goals for the new year is to be better able to command the screen, connect with the audience and get better results on video, I have one final gift for you.



Because you're part of this community, I'm giving you the special “New Year, New (Virtual) You” promo code NYNVY21 to get 20% off registration at virtualinfluence.today. This offer is good until January 31, 2021.



I know that this has been a challenging year for many of us. I look forward to hearing what positive changes you've made to your confidence, presence and influence, whether through the course or an influence challenge.



Thanks for being a part of our family, reading my emails, listening to the podcast, following and sharing my posts on social media, and participating in my webinars and other events. I look forward to 2021 and learning of your achievements!



May 2021 be a year of health and happiness for everyone.



Here's to your success,