How to Prevent Zoom Fatigue

Last week, after running a half-day virtual training for a major client, I received a unique “complaint”.


At the end of the program, everyone was sharing their take-aways, and one person said, “Actually, Laura, I’m kind of annoyed with you.”


“Oh?” I responded, unsure of where this was going.


“Yes,” she said, and broke into a little smile. “I had a whole list of work that I had planned to do while multitasking during this training today. But you were so engaging and the content was so valuable that I actually paid attention the entire time! Now when am I supposed to get it all done?”


“Um, I’m sorry and you’re welcome?” I shrugged back playfully.


I couldn’t help but laugh, but the unspoken truth behind what she said is actually quite sad.


The simple fact is that most people have come to have such low expectations for the quality of their experience in virtual meetings, that we instinctively plan other ways to entertain or otherwise busy ourselves during those engagements.


The term du jour for that is “multitasking,” but if we’re being honest, we know that’s really just a more productive-sounding euphemism for “paying attention to everything EXCEPT YOU.”


But the GOOD news is that creating that kind of positive, engaging, valuable experience in the virtual world, whether for our clients, teams, or anyone else, is not difficult!


That's why this week on the Speaking to Influence podcast, we take a quick deep-dive into how to combat and prevent what has become known as “Zoom fatigue.” What’s important to understand is that Zoom fatigue doesn’t just mean being sick of seeing your own face on camera. (Believe me, if anyone knows what that’s like, it’s me, for as often as I’m on video every day!)


In reality, there are many factors about working in the virtual world that literally create physical, mental, and emotional fatigue… and the vast majority are things that are 100% within our control. It’s the LACK of CONSCIOUSLY TAKING control of them that is what causes the fatigue in the first place.


That’s why in this episode we look at three levels of engagement and how to amp them all up with minimal effort – and even have some fun in the process!


Listen to the full conversation here or watch it on Youtube here.



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