How to Pick the Best Mic and More

I have two exciting bits of news to share with you this week.


Tomorrow (9/29) at 5am the 25th episode of my podcast Speaking to Influence drops. Most new podcasts don't even get this far so it's an exciting milestone. To celebrate and thank you for your support, I answer one of the most frequent questions you ask me nowadays: “I know I need to be better on video; can you recommend the best equipment for me to use?”


My entire podcast episode this week is about how to sound awesome on video. Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't yet, and be sure to download and listen to the episode so you get the inside scoop!


Aside from that, you may know that tomorrow evening is also the first presidential debate for the 2020 election, and last Friday (9/25) I was honored to be invited back as a guest on Fox and Friends First again with Jillian Mele, specifically to preview the debates in my usual apolitical style, and discuss what the candidates would need to do to convert the “fence sitters” and gain more influence. As my appearance was just before 5am(!), you may have missed it, so you can check out my interview here.


After my interview aired, I heard from many of you that you would like to hear more of my analysis for what the candidates need to do to be successful. Here are my thoughts in a bit more detail.


Will the candidates follow my advice tomorrow evening? Check out LinkedIn on Wednesday for my analysis. I will also be providing my tips and analysis for the Vice Presidential debates and the remaining scheduled Presidential debates in the upcoming weeks.


Remember — MY ultimate purpose for watching and writing about them is to identify lessons we ALL can learn from them – whether do's or don'ts – about effective leadership communication and influence, regardless of which candidate each lesson comes from!