How to Make Video Conferences Fun

Video conferences don't need to be a total drag. Here are seven fun “ice breakers” to start the meeting off with a smile:


  1. ‘Fess Up: You look all business from the waist up, but what's on your feet? Everyone show your fuzzy socks, bunny slippers, flip flops or whatever is (or isn't) covering the toes.
  2. Silver Linings: What unexpected blessing has come out of this whole “social distancing” situation? More time to play with kids/pets? No commute/traffic? Daily walks? There is goodness to be found if you're willing to recognize it.
  3. Hat Day: Represent your favorite sports team or university, or be silly and wear a birthday hat, ski hat with requisite pompom, sombrero, bicycle helmet… that's using your head!
  4. Bottoms-up: what's your beverage of choice? Coffee, tea, juice, etc. Bring it in your favorite mug or bottle for show and tell.
  5. Say Cheese: Share a photo of your family, pets, friends, or whoever (or whatever) makes your heart happy. Want to take it up a notch? See #6 below.
  6. “Bring your kid/pet to work” day: Okay, maybe not for the whole meeting, but heck, they're beating down your door looking for your attention anyway! Let them say hi to the group.
  7. That's Entertainment: What tv show or movie have you recently watched that you would recommend to others looking for that next binge-worthy plot or family movie night?


These little shared moments aren't just fun, they give us a chance to bond with each other in ways we probably wouldn't even have done in person, and remember that there is a whole person on the other side of that screen. (What a thought!)


What other ideas do you have? Please share them with me and keep the smiles coming,