How to be a Chameleon at Work

Do you ever feel like you need to be all things to all people? I think it's something we all feel at some point, and it can be exhausting.



The good news is that part of successful leadership communication is not about changing who you are, but rather learning how to adapt your approach with different people so that they are most receptive to your ideas.



That's why in today's podcast episode, Karen Shakoske, SVP of Communications at Janney Montgomery Scott, shares how she has learned to be “a chameleon” in the workplace. It's not only important to learn to communicate with varied internal and external stakeholders, but even thinking about how to keep things interesting for her team in a highly regulated industry and virtual environment requires going the extra mile. All while balancing message accuracy AND personal authenticity.

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You're not alone; I struggle with this too! For me, one challenge is trying to keep up with the changing demands of social media, and how people like to learn.



There are lots of statistics out there; one that hit home with me is that 72% of consumers prefer learning about a new product or service via video rather than by reading about it, and another is that people's attention span for an educational video is a whopping two minutes!






And while I don't have a statistic on it, I've never seen an audience more “glued” to a video than when watching my son transfixed to a cartoon. There has to be something to that, too…



Let's test this theory, I thought to myself; but how?



One suggestion I often hear from people is that I should break down the content in my books, trainings and other programs into “bite-sized” pieces — so I did!



Here's an example of a simple two-minute animated video in which I break down why it's so important to master the art of balancing your verbal, vocal, and visual communication skills for maximum credibility and influence.


Now you have me curious! Take a quick peek (you can turn the captions on and off in the “settings” gear) and tell me what you think.



You've heard me speak at events, listened to my podcast, read my books and/or watched some of my videos. Are there any particular topics you'd like to see broken down in a two-minute video? I'd love your input. After all, my goal is to give you the tools you need to help you get the results you want, so reply to this message and share your thoughts with me today.



Here's to your success,