How to Answer the Question: “Tell Me About Yourself”

Sometimes the “easy questions” are actually the hardest to answer.



I have coached so many execs who are in transition, looking for their next leadership opportunity, helping them with their interviewing and storytelling skills, and there's one question that seems to stump everyone:



“Tell me about yourself.”



Why does this always seem to short-circuit our brains? Because there's no clear focus. You know you need to give a 2-3 minute answer, but in the world of possible details to share about yourself, what's the .001% that deserves to be mentioned here?



I'm thrilled to have learned the answer from a true expert!



This week on the Speaking to Influence podcast, my guest is Jackie Linton, the President of the Philadelphia chapter of the Society of Human Resources Management, a.k.a. Philly SHRM. If there's anyone who understands the underlying psychology of the job interview, it's Jackie!



Jackie explains that this is your opportunity to share something that is NOT on your resume, that will give context to what IS there, or otherwise help the interviewer understand your motivations, thought processes, and more.



If you want more specifics about how to knock this answer out of the park, tune in to her episode.

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Here's to your success,