Join me LIVE on Fox tomorrow morning!

Three out of four American voters will watch the first Presidential Debate this evening. Yesterday I gave my tips on what I think each candidate needs to do to persuade more undecided voters to make their choice.


But the REAL question is: Will the candidates listen to me?


For example:

  • Will Joe Biden finally get his main campaign promises down into “tweetable and repeatable” sound bites so people know not just what kind of person he is, but what he plans to DO as president?
  • Will Donald Trump be able to resist the urge to let reality-tv-style melodrama (in comments and actions) steal the show?
  • And if the melodrama prevails, what will Chris Wallace need to do to maintain control as moderator?

Once again, I am honored to be invited back to join the team at Fox and Friends First tomorrow morning at 4:50am to share some of my observations. If that is too early for you (it would be for me!), not to worry, I'll be sure to post the interview on social media after it airs.


As always, I'll share my full (always apolitical) breakdown of the debate on LinkedIn tomorrow too.


Looking ahead, in addition to another fun (and politically unrelated!) podcast episode next Tuesday, on Wednesday is the Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris so I'll share my predictions that morning and my big take-aways from it regarding leadership communication and messaging on Thursday when it's all done.