FAQs for Conferences on Video

In the past few weeks I've been running a series of webinars for different organizations on how to look and sound great, feel confident and get results on video conferences, webinars and other virtual events.

Each time, participants freely wrote in questions in the chat box — sometimes they were thought-provoking for me, and sometimes the same question was asked in each event. Either way, they brought up GREAT points, and I wanted to share the insights with you.


That's why we collected all of the questions and put together an FAQ sheet for your easy reference. We grouped the questions into categories including Tools & Equipment, People, Breakout Sessions, Resources, App-related and Other.


I hope you find this resource helpful in jump-starting your Video-Brand REBOOT so you feel CONFIDENT, project LEADERSHIP, and get RESULTS!


(If you want to download a summary of all the tips and strategies I covered in the webinars themselves, you can get them HERE.)