Don’t judge a podcast by its… cover?

Has anyone ever told you, “Don't judge a book by its cover”? Well, I confess, I almost did, but I'm sure glad I thought twice — and you will be too!



My guest for this week's “Speaking to Influence” episode is Jonathan Rivers, the CTO of Fortune Magazine. When I first connected with Jonathan, admittedly, I saw his photo and thought, “He looks really serious; he might be too serious for the podcast…” but I really wanted to learn more about his experience, so I invited him for a call, and it's a good thing I did!



Jonathan's positive energy and sense of humor are infectious — we had a great conversation, and I had so much FUN talking to him, on top of learning a ton about communication in the tech world.



In this episode, Jonathan not only shares how he overcame the fear of the “single red light of judgment” that comes with being on video, but also how he continues to work on his elevator pitch and why you should too, even when there aren't any traditional networking events to attend.



I know you'll enjoy the conversation and get as much out of listening to his stories as I did. You can listen here.

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Take a sneak peak here:

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Here's to your success,



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