Did You Catch the Subliminal Camera Message?

A new milestone! Last week Speaking to Influence hit #37 on iTunes management podcasts. Thanks to all who are turning in, and if you haven't yet, here's a great reason to check it out:



In today's episode we honor October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Dana Donofree, CEO of AnaOno, an intimate apparel line for women who have undergone breast surgery as a result of breast cancer or other diagnosis. Dana herself was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, and upon realizing there was nothing on the market to meet her post-recovery “new body” needs and personal style, she took matters into her own hands, literally! Dana designed her own bra and launched her company AnaOno a year later.



Catch her inspiring story as a business leader and role model here.



Aside from that, it was also great to return to my friends at WPHL17 to break down the final Presidential Debate last Thursday. POP QUIZ: Did *YOU* catch the (perhaps unintentional) subliminal camera-delivered message at one point in the debate? In case you missed it, here's our conversation.



Watch it and then ask yourself: “What can I learn from that with regard to my on-camera presence, even via zoom?”



Finally, we are about to enter the hectic holiday season. Although it will be different than previous seasons, creative and thoughtful gift-giving is still top of mind for many of us. If you're looking to give something new and empowering to someone you care about, I'll share a great gift idea for you in the next few weeks: my new online course! More information with you soon, so stay tuned — I promise that all of you on my mailing list will be the FIRST to know when it is available!



Here's to your success!