How I’m Going to Help Set a Guinness World Record

On the East Coast, we have had a Nor'Easter that didn't disappoint. And the Amazon gods smiled upon me because on Saturday they delivered my four-year-old son's long-backordered snow pants! As a kid, there is no freer feeling than laying on your back, making snow angels while fresh flakes land on your face… followed shortly by zipping down hills on sleds and having snowball fights with siblings and friends. I loved watching his face as he ventured down his first hill yesterday, and was glad to give that gift to him. Today, I have a number of “gifts” for you as well — most of which are perfect background while watching your own kids play in the snow, shoveling out your driveway, or just sitting by the window with a mug of hot cocoa (marshmallows and all) watching other people dig themselves out.



For starters, in this week's episode of Speaking to Influence I'm excited to share a feel-good interview with Marcus Allen, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeastern PA.

Listen HERE as Marcus shares with us how he overcame homeless and poverty as a child and through hard work became a professional athlete. (And I must say, one benefit to doing the interview via Zoom is that it's probably the only way I could *ever* look as tall as a basketball player!) He then combined what he learned from both his childhood experience and his pro athlete team experience into leading Big Brothers Big Sisters, Independence.



As a bonus, be sure to stick around to the end for more info on how YOU can become a “big” for a great kid who just needs a little extra encouragement and guidance, especially during this crazy pandemic that has so many people feeling even more isolated than usual. Click here for more info.



By the way – have YOU thought about starting a podcast of your own, or maybe already launched one? If so, you won't want to miss the Podfest Global Summit, from March 1-5. Last year, Podfest set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the largest attendance for a virtual podcasting conference in one week, and they're on track to break their own record this year! Awesome topics covered over the week range from how to conduct an engaging interview and marketing techniques to social media strategies and technical equipment and production advice.



I certainly plan to do my part to help this year, and am honored to be part of the opening day speaker lineup on Monday March 1 at 2:30 PM ET. I'll be speaking on “Finding Your Podcaster Voice: How to Speak so People Want to Listen.” Actually, even if you DON'T have your sights (or ears?) set on a podcast of your own, it's still an event you won't want to miss. I'll send more registration info in a few weeks so stay tuned!



Of course, sometimes it's fun to be on the other side of the desk, so to speak, so if you're looking for some business inspiration at 3pm ET TODAY, join me with host Muhummad Siddique on his live streamed interview program, “Growth Hacking Show,” where we'll discuss inspiration, missteps to avoid and other secrets to success as a CEO, entrepreneur, coach or other leader.



I first learned about Siddique when I stumbled upon his interview with Chris Voss, former FBI hostage negotiator, CEO/founder of the Black Swan Group, and author of my all-time favorite book on negotiations, Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended On It. From there I was hooked, and when he invited me to be on the show, how could I say no?



Here's the link to join today's LIVESTREAM at 3pm ET.



Here's to your success,


How to Survive Three Quantum Shifts in 18 Months

Change can be scary, especially when your company changes ownership. Now imagine that happening THREE times in under TWO years! Shifts in culture, branding, leadership, coworkers… you name it. What does it take to not only survive under such circumstances, but thrive?



This week on the Speaking to Influence podcast, Sam King, President & CEO of Veracode, shares the realities of that experience in digital technicolor. As she described the trajectory:


“Over the course of about 18 months to 24 months… we went from being a venture backed independent software company to becoming part of a large publicly traded software company, which then in turn, got bought by another, much larger, publicly traded software company, which then created an opportunity for us to get divested and become an independent software company, again, backed by a different software investor. So in the course of 18 months, we had three owners. The key to going through that successfully was just constant communication.”


If you want to know more about what that constant communication looked like, listen in.


As always, don't forget to rate and review the show if you haven't already done so — and if you have, thanks so much!



As a second invitation, tomorrow I will be hosting my only FREE webinar of the month, How to Feel Confident and Get Results on Video. If you want some evidence for the value of this program, here's what Mike Stanziola shared after I gave a similar program for HDI Philly (thanks Mike!):



“I always struggle giving my undivided attention to virtual presentations, but not during this presentation! Laura is extremely engaging, dynamic and gave phenomenal practical tips on how to be the best communicator during video conferences. By the time Q&A of the presentation was upon us, I hadn't replied to work email, texts, or any other distractions that typically side track me on webinars. Just took some great notes to apply to my future experiences. We have received tons of great positive feedback on your presentation, and I wanted to take the time to thank you for speaking to our organization.”



It's not too late to sign up, so you can reserve your spot to join us.



Here's to your success,


How to Overcome Your Fears and Lead

Fear is a natural part of life; I'd go so far as to say if you're not afraid of anything, you haven't truly challenged yourself!



Leading doesn't require being fearless; it requires courage. “Courage” is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.



Yesterday we celebrated the life of a true and courageous leader, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This quote of his is my favorite:

In case it's not obvious, it's my favorite specifically because it identifies the root of interpersonal conflict as a failure to communicate, and that is something that is 100% in our control to improve!



Another example of a leader who “felt the fear and did it anyway” is this week's podcast guest, Karen Friar, CFO of Benco Dental. Karen's story is unique because she worked her way to the top having started as an intern at Benco Dental, and challenged herself to go rung by rung up the ladder in the company, ultimately becoming Benco's youngest and first female CFO. If that doesn't take tenacity and courage, I don't know what does!

Karen and I also have a fun history, as we first met and started coaching together several years ago when we were both pregnant! Needless to say, that's not a common experience I share with most clients, but it certainly did lay the groundwork for a great bonding experience.



Listen to Karen's courageous story.



Lastly, here's a special confidence- and courage-boosting opportunity just for you: I'm personally inviting you to a FREE, LIVE 1-day event: “The Heart of Success: How High Performing Entrepreneurs Move from Self Doubt to Purpose and Prosperity” on Wednesday, January 20th (TOMORROW!) from 12-5 pm EST.

I'm honored to be one of the speakers at the event, along with a number of other fabulous high-performance coaches. For more information and to register, check it out.



Hope to see you there!



Here's to your success,


Join me Wednesday 1/20 LIVE!

In the spirit of maintaining new year's resolutions and helping others fulfill their personal goals, I'm excited to share a special opportunity with you.



Whether you're an entrepreneur or just have an entrepreneurial spirit, I want to invite you you to a FREE, 1-day event where I'll be speaking: “The Heart of Success: How High Performing Entrepreneurs Move from Self Doubt to Purpose and Prosperity”.



The event takes place LIVE Wednesday, January 20th from 12-5 pm EST, hosted by Lauren Golen, a fabulous high-performance coach.

Imagine what it would feel like to go on a journey to unlock your inner confidence, align with your soul’s calling, and launch into your next chapter. If you consider yourself to be a heart-centered entrepreneur (or intra-preneur) who wants to make a difference for people and the planet doing purposeful work that leaves you feeling fulfilled at the end of the day, then this event is perfect for you!



This 1-day event is for you if:

  • You’re an existing entrepreneur who’s already been in business for a while and your growth, team, or income has stalled.
  • You’re sick of hitting your head against an invisible ceiling and you’re ready to bust through!
  • You’re a few years into running your business and you know what to do but you’re having trouble getting it done.
  • Maintaining Discipline and willpower is a struggle.
  • You are just starting out in business and you don’t want to waste another second waiting for the right time.
  • You have the resources to start and you want to get up and running fast!


This FREE, 1-day event includes a panel of purposeful top experts and entrepreneurs who transform the world around us and know what it means to be the creator of their own lives. They will be giving you step-by step guidance on:


  • How to shift your perspective around money
  • Eliminating self-sabotage
  • Optimizing your mindset
  • Move from far to freedom
  • How to be relentlessly committed to your core values
  • And more!


Are you ready to transform the world around you? Sign up today at the link below! Register: The Heart of Success



Here's to your success,


“Mom, Your Job is Really COOL.”

At the start of the new year, the topic of “vision” is always top of mind. This year, personally, aside from vowing to lose the extra pandemic/quarantine weight, last week I shared with you the new vision statement I wrote for my company (“To bring greater peace and joy to the world by helping more people feel heard and understood,”), and today I've set aside time to make my annual vision board for the year ahead. But visions start much earlier than this.



As kids we have visions of what we want to be when we grow up — usually professions that come with easily understood titles like doctor, teacher, baseball player or astronaut, or we just want to be like mommy or daddy.



My four-year-old is currently obsessed with our neighbourhood trash and recycling trucks, racing to the door with Pavlovian-style reflexes when he hears them rumbling up the road, and the guys on the trucks always look for his face in the door, rewarding his loyalty by honking the horn for him every time to his great delight. I'm pretty sure he thinks they have the best job in the world.



My 18-year-old is starting to create a different vision, setting the course for his future as college acceptance letters are starting to come in. A couple of months ago he asked me, “Did you always know this was what you wanted to do for a living?” But given how much the world has changed since I was 18, all I could do was confess: “Sweetheart, I didn't even know what I do now was a THING until someone offered to pay me to do it!”



To encourage him to be open to all sorts of possibilities, last week I shared with him the link to the 60 Minutes piece with Justice Defenders director general Alexander McLean, as an example of how people can make a real and positive difference, regardless of what they study. “You worked with them?” my son asked, after watching the clip.



I said yes, and showed him where Alexander was also a guest on the podcast — at which point he saw other recent episodes with guests like David Cohen (he didn't know David but certainly knew Comcast), and Janet Salazar (didn't know Janet but definitely knows what the UN is) and more.



He was pensive for a moment, then said (almost more to himself than to me), “Your job is really cool.”



I smiled, in part because I couldn't have agreed more (I *love* what I do) and I hope it inspired him to dream big, be open, and discover a career path that brings him just as much fulfillment.



But I also smiled because I am so grateful to all of my guests for helping me bring that inspiration to my own family, and I hope to you as well.



Speaking of both the college experience and amazing podcast guests, this week on Speaking to Influence my guest is Tom DeBiase, Senior Director in Capital One's Cyber Department where he leads the Cyber Operations organization for the company.



Tom wins the prize for the guest I've known the longest: he (and his now-wife Kelly!) was one of the first people I met upon arrival at American University, where we went for undergrad, as residents on the same dorm floor.



Both of our careers have gone in much different directions than our original visions at the ripe-old-age of 18, and it was great to reconnect with him and hear some of his stories.



You can listen to Tom's episode here.

Thank you for all of the great feedback on my new course Virtual Influence. I will be hosting two new webinars on January 27th at 12PM and again at 4PM ET.

Don't forget that everyone on my mailing list receives an exclusive discount of 20% off when you use the promo code NYNVY21 when signing up for the course.



What's YOUR vision for 2021? I hope you'll share it with me in return!



Here's to your success,

My 2021 Mindset Shift

I hope that your new year's celebration kicked off 2021 to a great start! I'm not sure how I saw far fewer people than usual between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day but still managed to eat just as many Christmas cookies if not more this time. (I would try to deny it, but any of my non-elastic-waist pants would dime me out.)



This holiday season was quieter than past years for sure, but for me that provided the gift of time and space to do some reflection and make some choices about the year ahead, some of which I want to share with you today. (I'll tell you about the mindset-shifting book I'm reading down below… keep going!)



Yes, 2020 was a year full of negative energy, from a pandemic that wreaked havoc on families and organizations and left everyone feeling isolated and disconnected, to an election that continues to force people to choose sides in an erroneously contrived and ultimately destructive “us-them” environment, adding to the isolation and disconnect. Most people finished 2020 feeling, at best… STUCK, not knowing what to do, where to go, or how to get there.



That's why one thing that became clear for me is that my theme for 2021 is “Clarity and Transformation.”



No transformation is possible without clarity. We must get clear on:


  • what we want and need (an important distinction!)
  • why we want or need it
  • what our real, core message is for others (not the emotional rant, or the unfocused data-dump), and
  • clear on what we're doing to get in our own way of getting our message heard, and getting the results we want

(Hint: a big part of that last one is that we're NOT clear on the other three.)



For me, getting clear on these issues helped me realize where I've been playing small in business and why I've been afraid to take the steps I know I need to take to make the quantum leap I want to make. It has also helped me see where I've been holding myself back in a few personal areas. (Much of this came from the book I mentioned… don't worry, I'll get to that in a minute!)



For my business, my 2021 transformation begins with a new vision statement, or the “WHY” for Vocal Impact Productions: “To bring greater peace, prosperity and happiness to the world by helping more people feel heard and understood.” Yes, my work is in leadership communication, but that's just HOW to get to the big WHY. Better communication skills help increase clarity, which promotes understanding. Contextual evidence of this may include getting a job/promotion, increased sales, being a better public speaker, and improved team cohesion or organizational culture. Each of these contributes to greater peace, prosperity and happiness, fulfilling the WHY.



My upcoming 2021 initiatives will all contribute to this transformational WHY. I'll share more about them another time.



Here are some ways to begin your OWN year of Clarity and Transformation:



First, this week's podcast guest is Janet Salazar, the President and Executive Chairman of the Foundation for the Support of the United Nations. My all-time favorite pearl of wisdom from Janet's interview was that “listening is the antidote to conflict.”

Think communication is “complicated” in your world? Every day Janet engages ambassadors and other stakeholders from countries and cultures around the globe. Tune in HERE to listen to more of her inspirational guidance on how to engage diverse groups and bring them together around common goals.



As always if there is a C-level executive that you think should join our podcast guest list, please email me at



You can listen to Janet's interview.



Second, are you looking for a book to give you a simultaneous reality check and kick in the pants to get out of your own way? Over the holiday break I've been reading Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. Although it's neither a quick read nor a new discovery (original publication was in 1960), it is THE seminal work on how the mind can sabotage success (no matter how self-aware we think we are) and how to take control back, to “steer the ship” toward greater success and happiness.



Think that sounds a little too “woo-woo” for you (and even for what you'd expect from me)? If you are a fan of leaders like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and Jack Canfield, or espouse ideas like the Law of Attraction (whether or not you liked “The Secret”), or even the power of positive thinking, you should know: They're all built on the fundamental principles explained in Psycho-Cybernetics. Check it out.



Finally, if you're looking for something that will give you immediate, transformational results, I'm sharing my New Year/New Virtual You” 2021 opportunity: an exclusive offer for all of you for my brand new online course, Virtual Influence. If you want to project your best, most confident and expert “in-person” self every time you're on video, so you continue to engage your audience, feel confident, and get the results you want, use the code NYNVY21 to receive 20 percent off of the course. To learn more visit .



I look forward to all of us having a fabulous 2021!



Here's to your success,




PS: Last year my personal LinkedIn page grew tremendously thanks in part to many of you. If you haven't connected with me on my LinkedIn Business page, I invite you to link with me there too. Many times my LinkedIn Business page contains important information that you may not see on my personal page. Check it out!

Just One Step to More Influence AND Happiness? Yep – Here’s How

Have you ever seen a feeding frenzy in the shark tank at the aquarium? That's kind of what Christmas morning looked like at my house with three children shredding through wrapping paper like their lives depended upon it. It was mayhem, but good mayhem, and a little slice of life that the pandemic mercifully left untouched.



I love giving gifts and watching people's faces as they open them up. In this season of giving and reflection, I have a few special things I want to share with you too.



Looking back on 2020, a silver lining was that since my travel schedule was wiped out, I finally had the time to launch my podcast, Speaking to Influence, and I've loved every minute of it. There have been 38 episodes, 109 five-star reviews (feel free to add to the list!), and a number of appearances in the iTunes Top 200 – up to #37 – for #management. I've gotten to interview people I otherwise never would have had the opportunity to meet and each person has shared gems of wisdom I have personally taken to heart.



One of my favorite parts of the interview is the “Listener 24-Hour Influence Challenge,” when the guest gets to challenge you, the listener, to take and complete ONE STEP in the next 24 hours to help you have more influence. Challenges have ranged from self-care to conversations to initiate, and tips from networking to time management.



That's why I've decided that for the last episode of 2020, I've compiled a special montage of 24-hour influence challenges, that all fall within three themes: (1) Developing your Expertise, (2) Relationship Management, and (3) Clarity and Productivity. I hope that at least one of these invitations in today's episode inspires you to say “Hey, I can do that RIGHT NOW,” and that having that quick success encourages you to try another one soon thereafter. Check it out.

Note that the subject of this email was how to have more influence AND HAPPINESS in 24 hours. We need more happiness now than ever before; I don't think there's ever been such universally enthusiastic anticipation of a new year as there is for the arrival of 2021. That's why I've picked these unique Influence Challenges: they all share a common “side effect”: Once you do them, you feel this incredible sense of clarity and relief that makes you say to yourself: “Wow, I'm SOOOO glad I finally did that!” (And very possibly: “Why on earth didn't I do it sooner?”)



If that doesn't increase happiness, I don't know what will!



(Actually, I do have one other idea…)



The other big and exciting development in 2020 was the launch of Virtual Influence, my online course which grew from training thousands of individuals across the country about how to be more confident, effective and successful on camera in today's video-based world. (Confidence + Success = Happiness in my world for sure!)



If one of your goals for the new year is to be better able to command the screen, connect with the audience and get better results on video, I have one final gift for you.



Because you're part of this community, I'm giving you the special “New Year, New (Virtual) You” promo code NYNVY21 to get 20% off registration at This offer is good until January 31, 2021.



I know that this has been a challenging year for many of us. I look forward to hearing what positive changes you've made to your confidence, presence and influence, whether through the course or an influence challenge.



Thanks for being a part of our family, reading my emails, listening to the podcast, following and sharing my posts on social media, and participating in my webinars and other events. I look forward to 2021 and learning of your achievements!



May 2021 be a year of health and happiness for everyone.



Here's to your success,


Why You Should Throw Out Your 10-Year Life Plan

Boy, do I have lots of news to share with you!



Did you have a chance to catch our friend (and episode 17 guest) Alexander McLean, founder and Director General of the Justice Defenders, when he was interviewed on 60 Minutes on Sunday 12/20 with Anderson Cooper? If you feel like you're trying to make a difference against all odds, you MUST watch this clip; if their story doesn't encourage you to never quit, nothing will!



He took Anderson on a tour of several of the prisons in Kenya where they're working to bring equal access to justice to all. In case you missed it or want to share the story with someone else who needs a “wow” to start the week, here is the link.



Speaking of podcast guests and inspiration, this week I got to interview David Cohen, SEVP of Comcast. I wouldn't want to have to type David's resume — I think I'd run out of ink, paper or both! He has had so many amazing experiences, and shares gold nuggets of advice with every story.

One piece of advice he shares is the importance of being open to embracing every opportunity that comes your way, as he has done in his career. Not only does he practice what he preaches on this issue, but to drive the point home, he gave direct instructions about what to do if you're someone who has mapped out a life plan for where you plan to be in 5, 10 years or longer: THROW IT OUT!



Want to know why? Tune in here.



One fun twist this week was that I got to be on the other side of the podcast desk, so to speak, as a guest on JV Crum's Conscious Millionaire Podcast, named in Inc Magazine as one of the Top 13 Business Podcasts. The show is for entrepreneurs, coaches, marketers and business owners who want to make their First Million.

I'm honored to be included with guests such as Jack Canfield, Sharon Lechter, Hal Elrod, Michelle Patterson, Guy Kawasaki, Dorie Clark, and Jay Abraham.



JV and I discussed why leaders MUST make a good impression on video, what that means and how to do it. Click here to listen.



One more extremely timely opportunity that I want to invite you to “embrace” is that today at 1pm I am hosting my last FREE Virtual Influence webinar of the year. I'll share with you what I have learned over the last nine months in training thousands of individuals on their presence on video and how you can get a FREE copy of my book Speaking to Influence, as well as a number of other free bonus online programs I've created as well.



Need a creative, meaningful, last-minute Christmas gift for a friend or loved one (or even yourself)? The Virtual Influence program can be the perfect way to tell someone, “I know you're amazing at what you do; I want to help you make sure that everyone you meet on video is crystal clear on how awesome you are!” See for yourself — It is not too late to sign up for the webinar.



Lastly, I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. (Even if it's not a holiday you celebrate, I hope it is a day of peace, joy and blessings for you!) While this year has been challenging, there is so much to be thankful for.



I am especially thankful for all of you who have supported me, whether by purchasing my book, listening to podcast episodes, read my articles on LinkedIn, watching some of my appearances on Fox News or PHL 17, or attending one of the events like conferences and virtual lunch-and-learns where I've spoken.



I *LOVE* hearing from you, whether it is telling me some value you got from one of my programs, recommending potential podcast guests, commenting on my LI posts, or just keeping the conversation going by responding to these updates. Don't stop!



If you've had ideas but weren't sure if I'd be receptive, let me explicitly invite you now to share those ideas with me.


  • Know a business or non-profit leader (not a coach or solo-preneur) who would be a great podcast guest?
  • Interested in having me speak at your conference or to your company or organization?
  • Have someone who needs help with media readiness, interview prep, presentation skills, or leadership communication overall?
  • Or just want to share some feedback?
  • There are many other possibilities, but as I said, I love hearing from you, so please feel free to reach out any time.


Wishing you joy this holiday season.


Here's to your success,


Where can you find inspiration and hope? Try… Prison?

Three years ago I received an incredible request: to help someone prepare – IN TWO DAYS – to give a talk on the TED Global stage.



Even more incredible was the story he wanted to tell: a story of resilience, having been framed for a murder he didn't commit, and spending 18 years on death row in a dirt-floor prison cell in Kenya shared with a dozen other men before finally being exonerated and set free.



How did he get set free? During his incarceration, he learned about a group called the African Prisons Project, now known as the Justice Defenders, who helped him study law from behind bars, earn a law degree via correspondence program (pencil and paper, not internet… remember: dirt floors), retry his own case using previously suppressed evidence due to a corrupt justice system, and ultimately gain access to justice he otherwise never would have received, regaining his freedom.



You can watch Peter Ouko tell his inspiring story here: “From Death Row to Law Graduate.”

Several years before helping Peter telling that story, I met Alexander McLean, the founder and Director General of the Justice Defenders. I've had the honor of working with Alexander and the Justice Defenders many times over the years, from helping them prepare for TED talks around the world, to speeches at the United Nations, and more. It was Alexander who had reached out to me to help Peter.



This past summer, Alexander joined me for Episode 17 on the Speaking to Influence podcast. As he describes it, “Our work is to help people who don't have lawyers to access justice,” specifically, men and women incarcerated in one of the cruelest places imaginable, overcrowded and forgotten African prisons. You can listen to his interview here.



Most recently, I worked with a team of his leaders, including former inmates and prison guards now working as paralegals and alumni of the Justice Defenders' program, in preparation for a special visit from Anderson Cooper, who toured one of the Kenyan prisons where the Justice Defenders do so much of their work for a special episode of 60 Minutes. The episode airs this Sunday, December 20th at 7:30PM EST. You can learn more here:

This time of year, we get distracted with endless Amazon Prime shipments, baking cookies, wrapping presents and – this year – lamenting all the people we WON'T get to visit over the holidays. But I invite and encourage each of you to click at least ONE of the links above and watch or listen to the stories.



It's a phenomenally inspiring kick-in-the-pants reminder to be simultaneously grateful for all that we DO have, and of the importance of ensuring that all people have access to justice around the world.



You can learn more about Justice Defenders by visiting: and if your heart is so moved, please consider supporting his Christmas Campaign — see the yellow banner at the top of his website.



Alexander, congratulations on your interview! I'll be watching 60 Minutes this Sunday night. Thanks for letting me be a part of your work.



Here's to your success – and equal access to justice – for all,


What Does the END of 2020 Sound Like?

We're officially halfway through December and cresting to the end of 2020 – a thought that brings cheers of relief to most people's lips!



Adding to those cheers and the sound of Christmas carols that are now filling the airwaves, I wanted to share some other joyful sounds to listen for in these final weeks, and a special invitation (at the end!):



First, this week on Speaking to Influence, my guest is Jamil Rivers, the fabulous CFO of Education Works, a nonprofit organization that provides academic support, career readiness, and enrichment programming throughout Greater Philadelphia.



Ever feel like you're having a conversation with someone and you're speaking two different languages? Jamil shared one of the most important skill sets she learned upon becoming chief financial officer: “Translate, Translate, Translate!” Want her advice on how to do it? Tune in here!

Looking for more sounds of inspiration? One of the most consistently popular “sounds” on the show has been Debbie Phillips's interview in episode 24 on communicating effectively in the “work-life balance” (or integration, or blending, or 52-pickup, or however your work life and personal life intersect!) As holiday preparation – in whatever form that takes this year – adds another layer to the mix of responsibilities to juggle, her tips are extra valuable this season. If you missed it, you can check it.



To round out 2020, we have two more great upcoming shows planned:

  • Next week on 12/22, I'm excited to welcome David Cohen, SEVP of Comcast Corp. who will tell you exactly why you SHOULDN'T make a long-term career plan.
  • And on 12/29, our final episode of the year will be a boost of inspiration where we'll bring you a “Best of: the Influence Challenge.” In each episode, the guests challenge each of us to take and complete ONE step to help us have more influence. From making the ask to practicing self-care, we're compiling an array of some of our favorites with a wide variety of challenges, so in less than 30 minutes, you'll be inspired with all sorts of ways to quickly and easily launch yourself into a healthier, happier and more successful 2021!


And what about that invitation I promised?



En route to that happier 2021, I want you to be more confident and successful every time you turn on the camera. That's why tomorrow at 4:30pm ET, I'm hosting a webinar so you can fully explore the inner workings of my new online course, “VIRTUAL INFLUENCE.”



I don't know about you, but I like to test drive a car before I buy it, don't you? That's why on the webinar itself you'll get to see all the video topics (40!), worksheets, resources, and more to understand exactly how you'll transform your virtual brand presence into the consistently confident, authoritative, relatable expert you know you are in person. After all, that's the experience everyone should have when they engage with you, virtually or otherwise, isn't it?



Feel free to grab a glass of wine or a handful of holiday cookies, and spend some time with me there. We have a great group so far and I look forward to seeing all of you!



Here's to your success,