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I’m taking a leap of faith…

If you're like me, one of the hardest decisions you have to make is the decision to invest in yourself.     Whether it's something as small as taking time out of the day to meditate or exercise for better mental and physical health, or as big as going back to school for your MBA […]

The Most Expensive Mistake People Make on Zoom Calls

Change is everywhere!     For starters, we've now entered Daylight Savings Time — waking up in darkness isn't great but there's a glorious extra hour of daylight after dinner. Did you remember to “spring forward” Saturday night? (Quick PSA: Now is a good time to check your smoke detectors too!)     Another change […]

I need your input (really)

This week we celebrated International Women's Day, so who better to interview than Lauren Swartz, president and CEO of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. The World Affairs Council is – as Lauren so wonderfully described it – “staunchly non-partisan,” with the goal of bringing people from all walks of life together to engage in […]

How to Engage Your Audience

One of the most common questions I hear from clients is, “How can I engage my audience better?”     And the simple answer is: You have to get clear on what “engagement” means first!     Here are three different ways I engaged three very different audiences for three different purposes over the last […]

How to Answer the Question: “Tell Me About Yourself”

Sometimes the “easy questions” are actually the hardest to answer.     I have coached so many execs who are in transition, looking for their next leadership opportunity, helping them with their interviewing and storytelling skills, and there's one question that seems to stump everyone:     “Tell me about yourself.”     Why does […]

3 Ways to Be Someone’s Hero

Yesterday was my birthday (29 again??), and there were two things I wanted to have for my celebration: time to play with my kids, and a special family meal.     Food and family go together as perfectly as chocolate and peanut butter in my book, so I'm excited to invite you to participate in […]

The Deep-Down Secret to Confident Public Speaking

I'm one of those “crazy” people who genuinely loves public speaking. But I know I'm in the minority. That's why each week, one of the questions I ask my guest on the Speaking to Influence podcast is to share some advice on how to speak with confidence, even when you don't feel it.     […]

How I’m Going to Help Set a Guinness World Record

On the East Coast, we have had a Nor'Easter that didn't disappoint. And the Amazon gods smiled upon me because on Saturday they delivered my four-year-old son's long-backordered snow pants! As a kid, there is no freer feeling than laying on your back, making snow angels while fresh flakes land on your face… followed shortly […]

How to Survive Three Quantum Shifts in 18 Months

Change can be scary, especially when your company changes ownership. Now imagine that happening THREE times in under TWO years! Shifts in culture, branding, leadership, coworkers… you name it. What does it take to not only survive under such circumstances, but thrive?     This week on the Speaking to Influence podcast, Sam King, President […]

How to Overcome Your Fears and Lead

Fear is a natural part of life; I'd go so far as to say if you're not afraid of anything, you haven't truly challenged yourself!     Leading doesn't require being fearless; it requires courage. “Courage” is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.     Yesterday we celebrated the life of a true and […]