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Who is in Your Corner?

Sunday was Mother’s Day, which for me is always a time of gratitude and reflection… and marveling, if I’m being honest.   I’m blessed to have a great relationship with both my own mother and my mother-in-law. But whereas my husband and his mother have very similar temperaments (high energy, passionate, strong opinions, near-unfiltered extroverts), […]

How to Make Your Audience Trust You

Before moving to Philadelphia over 20 years ago(!), I spent a few years teaching English (as a “foreign” language) at Meito High School in Nagoya, Japan.   On the one hand, academically-oriented high school seniors around the world all seem to be focused on the same thing: getting into the best universities possible.   However, […]

How to Prevent Zoom Fatigue

Last week, after running a half-day virtual training for a major client, I received a unique “complaint”.   At the end of the program, everyone was sharing their take-aways, and one person said, “Actually, Laura, I’m kind of annoyed with you.”   “Oh?” I responded, unsure of where this was going.   “Yes,” she said, […]

Have You Accepted that YOU Are The Brand?

Today I have a gift for you: It’s my favorite sound in the entire world HERE.    Did you listen? Did you smile in spite of yourself?    That recording was of my son on his first birthday, almost five years ago. I don’t remember what we were doing that had him belly-laughing like that, but frankly […]

Why You Must Connect with Your Audience

My heart sank as I saw the red flashing lights in my rearview mirror.   “Do you know why I pulled you over?” the officer asked.   I knew exactly what I had done: an illegal U-turn at a major intersection. Of course, what I hadn’t known was that there was an LAPD squad car […]

Can You Believe We’ve Reached This Milestone?

Honestly, I’m not sure I originally believed we’d get this far.   In the beginning of 2020 I decided I wanted to launch a podcast, despite the fact that I knew nothing about producing one.   Ironically, sometimes it’s best NOT to know too much about something before committing to do it… for example, I’m […]

Do You Feel Guilty Investing in Yourself?

My heart was in my throat as I read aloud the digits on my credit card, one by one.   It was the largest single transaction I’d ever made (I’d never bought a house at that point), and it was a total leap of faith. I only knew one thing: I could NOT afford to […]

Do You Ever Feel Like the Dumbest Kid in Class?

I will never forget how stupid I felt in class that day.   I was fortunate to spend my junior year in college studying abroad at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan. I’d had two years of intensive Japanese language study in my freshman and sophomore years in the US, but upon starting classes with a […]

What to Do When You Don’t Speak Their Language

I am a lot of things (and I’ve been called a lot of things):   executive coach linguist mother teacher “Jersey Italian” wife professor friend mentor chef (at least, in my own mind) business owner   and more.   Two additional labels I often use semi-facetiously to refer to myself are “Recovering Academic” and “Accidental Entrepreneur.”   […]

The Key to Leadership is… FUN?

Have you ever felt like your job was all about trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole?   That’s often how I felt about teaching elementary school when I was fresh out of college (many, MANY moons ago.)    When trying to get an eight-year-old brain (round hole) to accept that […]