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How to Bring Your Passion to Work to Influence Others

Do you ever feel like the whole world thinks they know how to do your job (and that it’s easy)?   In my “former life” when I taught public school in south-central Los Angeles, it used to drive me crazy when I’d hear people dismissing teachers’ frustrations with completely erroneous comments like, “They’re done at […]

What do Passion and Suffering have in Common?

I love when I get to “geek out” on you for a second, so here’s one for your “wow, I never would have guessed that but it makes sense” files:   Q: What do passion and suffering have in common? A: They are actually synonyms, sharing the same (etymological) root:   “Passion” is from the […]

Was That Supposed to be Funny?

The emcee of the dinner social event warned me ahead of time: “It’s 300 partners from the law firm, and you should just know that at this event every year they often just keep talking to                                     people at […]

How to Combat the Fear of Uncertainty at Work

It almost sounds like the opening of a cliché movie: An asteroid is on its way hurtling toward earth, and everyone is panicking that it could be the apocalypse, destroying the planet or at least life as we know it. That is, unless Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan or Viola Davis manages to blow up the […]

Do Your Words Create a Legacy?

We all want to make an impact in life, but I realized recently that setting our goals permanently at “make an impact” is simply setting the bar too low.   An impact can be momentary; but a legacy, in contrast, is timeless.   And one of the primary factors that determines the nature and reach […]

Are You Penny-Wise but Pound-Foolish When You Talk?

If I looked up the idiom “Bull in a china shop,” it would not have surprised me if I saw Claudia’s face staring back at me.   Claudia had been raised to be a fighter, whether in school, sports, family dynamics, or otherwise, and it definitely carried over into her work.   Her management style […]

Do You Just Want Me to Rubber-Stamp This?

Q: What is a camel? A: A horse designed by committee.   (Okay, there’s your first groaner of the new year!)   There’s nothing more frustrating than when something seems like it should be an easy decision or process only to be derailed by having to get so many people’s input that the process is […]

How to Finish Strong in 2022

At the end of every year, we all have an important decision to make.   We can look back on the last 365 days and count our blessings, our successes large and small, and reminisce about the fun times with friends and loved ones.   – Or –   We can let our inner critic […]

Is This Your Theme Song This Week?

The first time I heard it, I cracked up. It was 1986 and dad and I were in the car listening to Christmas carols, when Bob Rivers’ song, “The Twelve Pains of Christmas,” a spoof of the classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” came on the radio. In true “humbug” spirit, instead of celebrating the […]

What NOT to Do with Smart People

I don’t know about you, but I often find that the best advice is not only crystal clear and simple… but frustratingly hard to implement despite its simplicity.   For example, Steve Jobs wisely declared:   “It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so […]