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Does This Habit Hold You Captive?

Senior year in high school, my history class took a field trip to Washington DC. There were a lot of powerful moments in that trip, but one that sticks with me is standing in the Jefferson Memorial and reading the quote inscribed around the inside of the dome:   “I have sworn upon the altar […]

Is it More Important to Be Comfortable or Truthful?

I was in a business development seminar a while ago, when the facilitator said three words that smacked me in the face:   “AVOIDANCE IS SELFISH.”   Now, I would not label myself as one who is typically conflict averse. But if I’m being honest with myself, there are definitely things I procrastinate, whether consciously […]

What if You’re Not the Obvious Choice?

“Did you always know that this was what you wanted to do for a living?”   “Sweetheart, I didn’t even know what I do now was ‘a thing’ until someone offered to pay me to do it!”   The conversation was with my older son a few years ago when he was a senior in […]

Which Pitch Will Change Your Life?

As the story goes, Colonel Harland Sanders was rejected 1009 times before someone believed in him and the secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken, which began the now-global franchise.   That’s not a typo: one thousand and nine rejections.   Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen heard “No” 144 times by all the major publishing […]

The Most Important Hour of the Day

There are two things that my brain and body have always resisted: Mornings and routines.   I was a snooze-button addict for ages; as a bona-fide night owl, the idea of getting up a moment earlier than necessary simply did not compute.   And with few exceptions, any sort of routine has typically inspired feelings […]

The Truth about what Happens to Your Brain on Zoom Meetings

Some traditions are powerful, even in their simplicity.   This weekend we celebrated Memorial Day, an annual favorite holiday of mine, as our tradition is to celebrate it with extended family at the beach.   Staring at the ocean, the soft, rhythmic roar of the waves is almost hypnotic, allowing me to step out of […]

Which is More Intentional: How You Speak or How You Live?

I’ve always been a huge musical theater fan. Show-stopping tunes like “One Day More” from Les Miserables, “The Gods Love Nubia” from Aida, “Defying Gravity” from Wicked, and more recently “My Shot” from Hamilton leave me on the edge of my seat.   But what makes these shows so powerful is not just their ability […]

Why and How to Take the (Verbal) Road Less Traveled

Do any of the following sound familiar?   You thought you hit reply… but actually hit reply-all You agreed to help someone with something before realizing exactly what you just committed yourself to doing You said something to someone, and instantly realized it sounded different (and much better) in your head You rambled on and […]

Can You Be the Best in the World?

To my own surprise, I’ve managed to achieve a number of things I never thought would be possible, most of which, early in my career, I never would have imagined doing at all:   I got a PhD (surprise #1; I never wanted to go to grad school) from an ivy league school (surprise #2) […]

How Many Changes is TOO Many?

Imagine a conversation with your point person just a day or two before one of the biggest presentations of your life. As part of their last-minute notes, they share some details about who would be in your audience, and how you’d be required to accommodate them:   A large percentage of your audience would be […]