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Do You Just Want Me to Rubber-Stamp This?

Q: What is a camel? A: A horse designed by committee.   (Okay, there’s your first groaner of the new year!)   There’s nothing more frustrating than when something seems like it should be an easy decision or process only to be derailed by having to get so many people’s input that the process is […]

How to Finish Strong in 2022

At the end of every year, we all have an important decision to make.   We can look back on the last 365 days and count our blessings, our successes large and small, and reminisce about the fun times with friends and loved ones.   – Or –   We can let our inner critic […]

Is This Your Theme Song This Week?

The first time I heard it, I cracked up. It was 1986 and dad and I were in the car listening to Christmas carols, when Bob Rivers’ song, “The Twelve Pains of Christmas,” a spoof of the classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” came on the radio. In true “humbug” spirit, instead of celebrating the […]

What NOT to Do with Smart People

I don’t know about you, but I often find that the best advice is not only crystal clear and simple… but frustratingly hard to implement despite its simplicity.   For example, Steve Jobs wisely declared:   “It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so […]

Is it Just the Illusion of Being Heard?

One experience that always makes me question my own sanity is when I come out of a meeting or conversation (whether with colleagues, friends, family, whoever) thinking we’re all on the same page regarding next steps, and a conversation like the following ensues: Me: Hey (Jordan), do you have document X? Jordan: What document X? […]

How Do You Create the Greatest Value?

About a mile from my house there’s a big ol’ pothole in the road. The first time I hit it while driving I didn’t even see it, since it was dark out, and it’s on a shaded curve so it blended into the shadows. WHOMP! I muttered a few choice words under my breath and […]

Why Would You Partner with Him?

I love stories of unlikely allegiances that lead not only to triumph, but to a “win” for the greater good. Recently I heard two such tales.   First, my husband and I (finally!) finished watching Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, which took us several weeks to complete as we had to watch each movie […]

Are You Willing to Bet On Yourself ?

I am what some might call an “accidental entrepreneur.”   Nearly 15 years ago when I was finishing grad school, I attended my cousin’s wedding. At the reception, I was chatting with a man who was also seated at my table, when another cousin came by and congratulated me on having recently defended my doctoral […]

This is How I Show my Gratitude

This week is full of diverse experiences that remind me of my many privileges for which I am grateful. On Sunday morning I participated in the Cooper Norcross Bridge Run, a 10k race from Camden, NJ over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge to Philadelphia, PA and back. I marvel at and am humbled by the thousands […]

The Most Important Question You Must Answer

Last week I received a great surprise invitation that made me put my money where my mouth is.   Kelsey Fabian, morning show host at WPHL 17 TV here in Philadelphia – invited me to join her on the air Wednesday morning to debrief the one and only debate between Mehmet Oz (“Dr. Oz”) and […]