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It’s NOT About Policy: What does Winning Sound Like?

Last night was Round 3 of the Democratic Primary Debates, with ten qualified candidates in the running. Each candidate had two main goals: to connect with more voters than anyone else, and to convince those voters that they (the candidate) would have the best chance of beating Donald Trump this time next year, an area […]

The Two-Letter Word That Destroys Productive Discussion

One thing I’ve learned over the years is how to take critical comments with a grain (or sometimes a pound) of salt. Recently, I have been commenting on the Democratic primary debates (such as here and here). Although my lens is always an apolitical analysis of the candidates’ communication effectiveness, I knew that anything related […]

It’s Official: The Missing Link for a Democrat Victory

The theme for the last two days should be “Make America Debate Again.” The Democrats need a do-over if they’re going to nominate a candidate who can win in 2020. Here’s why the vast majority of candidates missed the mark last night. (As a reminder, my angle is apolitical, solely evaluating the effectiveness of the […]

Is Your Body Language Sabotaging Your Success?

In trying to have more influence, sometimes it is what we DON'T say that speaks even louder than what we DO say. As I discuss in Chapter Five of my new book Speaking to Influence: Mastering Your Leadership Voice, what's even scarier is that small, non-verbal gestures can serve as giant billboards that expose what […]

Don’t Give Away Your Power! (New Year Nugget)

Happy new year, We all feel compelled to make some sort of resolution at the start of a new year, and one of mine is to start talking to you more via video. So that's how I want to offer my recommendation to you regarding a new year's resolution we ALL should make: DON'T GIVE […]