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Listen Different

There are many different communication styles, but if you don’t know what to listen for, you might be missing the most important information.

David, Goliath and the Investor Pitch

At some point or other, we all find ourselves outside of our comfort zone, and even feeling like we are out of our league. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by your “Goliath”, even when you feel like you’re out of your element.

Knowing When to STOP Talking

Usually I work with people to find the best verbal strategy, approach or delivery to get through to their audience and get to “Yes.” Today I want to focus on the exact opposite skill set: knowing when and how to stop talking. Ironically, for many people that’s the hardest part. If you’re like me, at […]

Is positive feedback harder to give than negative feedback?

I’m sure you’re familiar with that unpleasant feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize you have to give someone negative feedback. You don’t want any drama and you try to avoid conflict. You don’t want to hurt their feelings or anger them. You don’t want them to get defensive and you don’t […]